Era Moon Hernandez - AKA Unicorn Lady

From Era:
Hi.  I'm Era Moon Hernandez...and I love Unicorns.  I love love love love unicorns...and I draw them every single day.  I hope you like my drawings.

From Era's Daddy:
I've been an entrepreneur since I was 18, and that's one of the one trait I really want to pass on to my beautiful daughter. I want her to know that she can create things from thin air, and if she does them well people will see value in them. On top of that I want her to learn about business & process. 

I knew I wanted to make sure she was passionate about the product she was making.  So since she draws unicorns everyday, I started asking her what she thought about having a company all about unicorns.  She obviously loved the idea, but I thought she would totally forget about it the next day.  But to my surprise, she kept asking me if we can work on her company.  

So while she was drawing, and creating the inventory, I made her a little square space site to start selling her drawings.  I hope she sticks with this and learns that she can do anything she wants.  Even turning her drawings into a real company. 

I love you Era.